How would you describe your relationship with food? How do you know what to cook, what guides you?

Cooking Classes and Seminars

Private or group cooking classes and seminars are offered in my home and throughout the United States. Please contact info@cookingfortheloveoftheworld.com for information and fees.

Go to  Wise Woman University for over 36 online classes with 20 different mentors. The Wise Woman University is a sacred distance learning center that encourages personal empowerment. Currently I am offering two courses; Cooking for the Love of Children and Culturing from the Heart.

Topics include;
       Cooking as an Aspect of Any Spiritual Path
       Daily Rhythms and Meal Preparing
       Cycles and Rhythms in Nature
       Biodynamic Gardening
       Curative Cooking
       Embracing Illness and Cooking for Various Health Conditions
       How Foods Affect our Thinking, Emotional Life and Will Forces
       Cooking Locally with the Seasons
       Cutting Styles, the Harmony of Forms
       Cooking Golden Grains
       Strengthening Soup Broths
       Cooking with Roots, Leaves, Blossoms, Seeds and Fruits
       Bountiful Beans
       Living Fermented and Cultured Foods
       Preparing Animal Foods
       How to Prepare Raw Cultured Dairy
       Natural Seasonings, Savoring Subtle Flavors
       Food From the Sea, Cooking with Fish and Sea Vegetables
       Delicious Desserts and Natural Sweeteners
       Using Culinary and Medicinal Herbs
       Medicinal Foods, Infusions and Home Remedies
       Preparing Seasonal Wild Foods
       Cooking for and with Children
       Creating the Art Work, A Balanced Meal
       Starting New, Cooking for Spring
       Blossoming and Maturing, Cooking for Summer
       Drawing In, Cooking for Autumn
       Nourishing the Inner Light, Cooking for Winter
       Understanding New and Old Dietary Principles and Philosophies
       Getting Past Seeing Foods as 'Carbs and Fats'
       The Wise Woman's Way of Cooking

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