Natural Health Counseling and Coaching for Life

Natural and aesthetically well-balanced meals are the foundation for health, clarity of thought, equanimity in feelings, and the will to fulfill our life's purpose.

Anne-Marie Fryer Wiboltt offers sessions in person or by phone.

For an introductory appointment, write Anne-Marie at or
phone her at (608) 648-2316.

The counseling sessions will help you create a living relationship with food and cooking. They will reawaken you to the beauty and polarities in nature and in your body, and stimulate a fresh and dynamic attitude to movement and exercise. You will receive lasting support in creating a joyous life of health, inner peace, and happiness.

*Free 30 Minutes Introduction Session*
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Counseling Sessions

Each Series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone) will support your in your life's journey. You will receive life style recommendations, cooking instructions, daily and weekly menus, wellness program, suggested meditative practices, tools for self-exploration, study material and more.

Natural Beauty Series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone)

Inner Beauty; Foods and Cooking Styles for Healthy Radiant Skin; Facials; Natural Make Up; Nourishing and Cleansing Baths and Compresses; Creating a Spa Experience at Home; Rhythms in Nature; Care for the Body, Soul and Spirit; Nourishing Our Inner Life; The Musicality of Life.

Healthy Weight Series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone)

Body Sacred; Caring for Our Needs; Lifestyle Changes; Healthy Habits; Emotional Health; Reducing Stress; Creating Balance in Daily Life; Celebrating Life; Loving Attention; New and Fresh Relationship to Movement and Exercises; Menus and Recipes.

Healing Naturally I and II Two Series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone)

Blessings and Challenges of Illnesses; Strengthening Our Life Forces; Cooking for Various Health Conditions; Feeling Creative, Joyous, Tranquil and Empowered in Daily Life; Breathing Enthusiasm into All Areas of Life; Strengthening Soups and Dishes; Healing Properties of Foods and Dishes; Medicinal Herbs and Tinctures; Cleansing and Nourishing; Oriental, Traditional and Anthroposophical Medicine; The Threefold Human Being; Understanding Warmth; Home Remedies; Compresses; Medicinal Research; Cooking as a Healing Art; Nourishing the Soul and Spirit; Artistic Practices; Meditative Practices; Healthy Movement.

Healing, an Inner Path
Healing involves deepening our connection to our soul/spirit nature and the soul/spiritual nature of the world. It is a process of restoring integrity to all areas and relationships in our lives, especially our relationship with food and cooking. Diseases in our soul or physical body guide us toward wholeness and present opportunities to rediscover our strength and trust in our inner knowing. The living art of cooking supports the healing processes. It is an enjoyable, health-giving, creative activity and an essential aspect of the healing path, the path of inner development.

Basic Cooking I and II Two Series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone)

Wholesome Foods; Creating Beautiful and Artistic Meals; Nourishing Soups; Delicious Condiments; Fermented and Cultured Foods; Breakfast; Wholesome Breads and Sourdough; Seasonal Vegetables; Including or Eliminating Dairy or Animal Foods; Natural Sweeteners; Seasonings; Desserts and Beverages; Cooking Styles; Cutting Styles; Lunch and Dinner Menus; Healthy Habits; The Living Kitchen; Organic and Biodynamic Foods and Gardening; Cooking as a Art; Seasonal Cooking; Freedom of Choice;

teapotComprehensive Cooking I and II Two series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone)

Creating a Living Relationship with the World; Perceiving the World as Spiritual Activities; Archetypal Plant Cycle; Life Forces; Cosmic Cycles; Early Rhythms; Herbal Infusions; Tinctures; Medicinal Herbs; Biodynamic Gardening; Wild food Harvesting and Cooking; Remedies; The Living Art of Cooking; The Kitchen as an Art Studio; Creating Beautiful Meals; Cooking with Local and Seasonal Foods; Seasonal Cooking Styles; Cosmic and Earthly Forces and Substances; Cooking for the Future.

Spiritual Deepening I and II Two Series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone)

World Sacred; Presence to the Activities of the Spiritual World; Creative Life Forces; Entering the Silence of the Heart; Meeting the Soul of the World; The Beauty of the World; Cooking with Nature; Elemental Beings; Biodynamic Sprays; Attending to Attentiveness; Inner development; Unfolding Potentials; The Direct Approach; Relating to Our Spirituality Through Cooking; Being Present within Our Sensing; Cooking a Continuation of Natures Life Processes; Living a Spiritual Year; Enriching the Life of Others; The Significance of the Festivals.;

Woman's Health I, II and III Series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone)

Cosmic Cycles and Rhythms; The Human Being as a Being of Rhythm;Creating Healthy  Rhythm of the Day; Body Sacred; Nourishing a Woman's Body; Nourishing a Woman's Soul; Nourishing a Woman's Spirit; Nourishing the World; Coming of Age; Menstrual Health; The Menopausal Years; Delicious Nourishing Foods and Cooking Styles; Healing Herbs and Tinctures; Journaling; Facing and Embracing the World; Creating Healthy Boundaries; Celebrating Life;  Healthy Exercises and Movement;

Coaching for Life Series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone)

Self-Exploring Practices; Creating Healthy Habits; Removing Hindrances; Embracing Challenges; Standing our Grounds; Healthy Boundaries; Being Upright; Rhythms; Healthy Exercises and Movement; Creating a Supportive Lifestyle; Enriching Our Relationships in All Areas of Life; Conscious Communication; A Living Relationship with Food and Diet; Beauty All Around and Within;

Cooking for Children Series of Six Counseling Sessions (in person or by phone)

Understanding Child Development; Building Rhythms and Habits; Healthy Nutrition; Including or Excluding Dairy and Animal Foods; Menus and Recipes; Organic and Biodynamic Foods and Gardening; Creative Life Forces; Protecting Childhood; The Living Art of Homemaking; Nourishing the Body and Soul of the Growing Child; Creating Warmth; Loving Discipline; Healthy Rest and Sleep; Preparing for the Life of the Future.

Counseling Fees
Series of 6 Counseling Sessions $400,
Series of 12 Counseling Sessions $800,
Series of 18 Counseling Sessions $1200
Individual Counseling Sessions $90

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